April, 2018

  • 22 April

    Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

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    It’s been said that every dog has his day...

  • 22 April

    Happy Earth Day!

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    At Best Bully Sticks, we value both your pet’s happiness and the environment. We often hear of ways that us humans can help the environment, but we want to give you some insight on how your pups can help too!

    History of Earth Day

    Earth Day was established nearly 50 years ago i...

  • 22 April

    Dog Video Of The Day: Meet A Dog With Some Amazing Ears!

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    This is Goma! He’s a Papillon/Maltese mix from Japan with some outstanding ears that have made him famous!


  • 21 April

    Oppawtunities in MD, DE and NJ

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    Lee posted an awesome video of our event at Richmond Animal League:

    Say it loud but baby sing it louder, FREEDOM, FREEEEEEDOM! Thank you big time @ralpics for having us and of course to our first amazing sponsor who believed in us an...

  • 20 April

    Barli’s First Month!

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  • 18 April

    Meeting Your Non-Human Neighbors

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    This spring my dog Max and I have been going out on the ‘back 40’, taking time to walk and explore what’s back there. It’s not a back 40 in the true sense of the word, but it’s my little neck of the woods, an area that is situated on a mountain in the wide open space...

  • 17 April

    The Mission Behind Support Dogs, Inc.

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    At Dogster magazine, we love to shine the light on dog-centric organizations like Support Dogs, Inc. This national nonprofit headquartered in St. Louis provides assistance dogs to those with disabilities, courtroom facility dogs and specially trained therapy dogs that visit healthcare facilities ...

  • 15 April

    Hearty Black Bean Bowl for Dogs via VegAnnie

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    We recently stumbled upon VegAnnie, a blog based on the principles of food, happiness and health. With recipes for both humans and dogs, weight loss tips and more, Annie shares her knowledge as a holistic health coach and PhD student.

    Check out this awesome recipe from VegAnnie!


  • 14 April

    5 Rainy Day Ideas to Keep Dogs Active Indoors

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    When it’s raining cats and dogs, chances are your pooch gets a little stir crazy without the option of a long walk, playing outside or otherwise getting some Mother Nature time worked into the day. Here are five fun activities for a rainy day to keep dogs active — a...

  • 12 April

    Isle of Dogs Premiere — Have You Entered to Win? #IsleofDogs

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