January, 2016

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    Two Types of Lip Licks

  • 25 January

    What Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Can Look Like

  • 25 January

    It is to your advantage to know which items are prohibited, questionable, infringing or potentially illegal. Whether you are buying or selling, you need to familiarize yourself with a number of regulations concerning the nature of the item up for bid. The item you could be bidding on might be perfectly legal in seller’s country but prohibited in yours.

    Examples: crossbows, DHEA supplements, swords, animal products.

    Other times, the item is legal to own anywhere but there might be some restrictions in ways of sending it across the border.

    Examples: perfumes in pressurized containers, cigarette lighters.

    Once in a while, you might come across an auction of an item prohibited by eBay authorities. Whether or not such item is legal, is irrelevant. The article should not be listed on eBay at all.

    Examples: glow sticks, fireworks, human body parts.

    For a comprehensive list of what can, or cannot, be listed on eBay click the eBay “Help” link and enter “prohibited items” in the search box.

    To avoid having confiscation of the goods by customs, find out beforehand if they can be shipped without breaking the law. Remember, if the item is confiscated, you are not entitled to a refund.

  • 25 January

    ‘How to’ teach your dog not to jump up on people! – clicker training

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    Dog Food Coupons 06/02/14 – 06/08/14

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    How to Potty Train & Crate Train a Puppy OR Dog HUMANELY and EFFECTIVELY!

  • 25 January

    Remembering Cecil the Lion: Is Peace Possible?

    Honoring Cecil

    Cecil, a beloved resident of Hwange National Park and a major tourist draw for Zimbabwe, was killed this week by a Minnesota dentist. If you want details, google it.

    I can’t wrap my head around it, for so, SO many reasons. As I sit here in the comfort of an air conditioned house surrounded by Midwestern cornfields, writing about this travesty, I realize I am so far removed from it that it seems and feels unreal to me. Frankly, aliens landing in the middle of the cornfield across the road and creating crop circles would make a whole helluva lot more sense to me.

    However real Cecil’s death is, I can’t grapple with it, I can’t comprehend such an inconceivable reality. Killing animals simply does not exist in my world. Therefore, I only have two offerings for you: how I tried to come to terms with Marius the Giraffe’s senseless murder and a Facebook page that has been created to honor Cecil’s memory.

    Is Peace Possible Amidst this Tragedy?

    I learned of the Cecil Ascending Facebook page from my friend Bonnie Weimer Poirier. Bonnie is an ordained minister, perhaps that is why she can articulate the inarticulatable:

    “We’re feeling the rage over the horrific slaughter of Cecil and now that rage must transform itself into something good and productive. Cecil’s dying can bring awareness and education where it is needed. Lisa Shaw has created a beautiful, meaningful way for us to honor Cecil that will help raise spiritual awareness for all of God’s creation. Please give Cecil Ascending Facebook page a LIKE and share with others. Collectively, we can honor Cecil.”

    Thank you Bonnie, for the words and a call to action, helping those of us who are too stunned to maneuver this experience on our own.

    Rest in peace, Cecil. Be well with your ancestors, and know there are those of us here who honor you more than words can ever express.


  • 25 January

    How to teach your dog to Crawl

  • 25 January

    The 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

    Image: Hannamariah via Shutterstock

    Image: Hannamariah via Shutterstock

    There’s an article on Pet 360 but nowhere do I see a Chowberger listed.  In case you don’t know what a Chowberger is it’s part chow, some leonberger, with a twist of retriever. That’s me, of course.  While the post may be interesting I cannot verify the accuracy because if I’m not on there who knows what else they left out. Woof! -Kensy, The Dog


    Sure your dog’s clever … but is she one of the smartest dog breeds out there? “While all dogs are smart, certain breeds are more intelligent at specific tasks than others,” said Lisa Peterson, spokesperson with the American Kennel Club.

    Now we know every dog is different, and mixed-breeds are some of the smartest, so we want to mention them up front. If you have a mixed breed (or any breed!) that’s great at a certain task, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

    Meanwhile we asked the AKC to help us list 10 dog breeds that excel in intelligence, especially when it comes to the job they do.

    Read the rest and see the slideshow here.

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