January, 2016

  • 24 January

    Flint – From Emaciated Stray to “Potato Dog”

    Imagine driving down the street and seeing a dog in obviously desperate need of help; dirty, emaciated with ribs, hips and spine poking out, scuffed and scarred up, scared and in such sad shape that he’s practically oblivious to his surroundings just wandering down the street.  This is the beginning of Flint’s story, at least […]

  • 24 January

    TruDog Serves up True Style

    Sponsored PupStyle parents demand the best for their dog from premium food to fashion and rarely do I stumble upon a luxury brand like TruPet that serves up both!!! TruePet was founded by the passionate social media maven, Lauri R. Taylor after losing a Great Dane named Truman from cancer at too young of an age. On […]

  • 24 January

    It’s Official…Adelle Is A Service Dog!

    All the hard work we put into raising and training Adelle is finally paying off.  We worked with her for nearly two years in preparation for her career as a service dog.  The socialization at hockey games, movie theaters, grocery stores, shopping malls, and department stores.  The countless hours of obedience classes at CST, PetSmart, […]

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  • 24 January

    Shinola Detroit Collaborates with Bruce Weber to Design Dog Products

    Luxury watch maker Shinola Detroit has a strong passion for community and the human spirit. Their commitment to community, quality and coolness is common cocktail party chatter around Detroit suburbs. Shinola is bringing the glory of manufacturing back to D-town with new hope, jobs, pride and extremely high-quality luxury pet products designed in collaboration with fashion photographer, […]

  • 24 January

    Dog Video Of The Day: Little Boy Found His Dog

    A little boy’s emotional reunion with his once lost dog!

  • 24 January

    Mammoths in the Arctic

    Russian scientists say a male mammoth excavated from a bluff on Yenisei Bay on the Arctic Ocean was killed by hunters 45,000 years ago, providing the earliest indication of the presence of humans in the Arctic.

    The fact that there were once Mammoths in the Arctic, of course, is not news. In fact the last Mammoth went extinct after the Pyramids were built. This was a smaller species on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean, between the Chukchi Sea and East Siberian Sea. Woolly mammoths survived there until 2,500–2000 BC.From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book..

  • 24 January

    Pet Food Recall: MARS Petcare Nutro Chewy Treats Apple 4 oz.

    MARS Petcare has issued a voluntary recall of its Nutro Chewy Treats Apple 4 oz.  The recall information is below.  It was found at PetSmart.

    Dear Valued PetSmart® Customer,

    MARS Petcare has issued a voluntary recall of the following Nutro dog treat due to potential mold.


    Product Description


    PetSmart SKU


    Product UPC


    Impacted Lot Codes




    Lots codes beginning with ‘4 50’, ‘5 02’, ‘5 03’, OR ‘5 05’ (regardless of best by date).


    The Lot Codes are located on the bottom of the bag under the Best By date as shown below:



    Please stop feeding this product to your pet and bring any remaining Nutro 4 oz. Apple Chewy Treats affected by this recall to your nearest PetSmart for a full refund. PetSmart sells a wide variety of treats from many brands, and our associates can help you find the right item for you and your pet.

    If you have questions about this voluntary recall, please contact Nutro Customer Service at 1-800-833-5330.

  • 24 January

    It’s Called a Society for a Reason

    We die alone. We rise as a nation. We rise as a community. We rise with Bernie Sanders.From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book..

  • 24 January

    Prince Lorenzo Borghese Promotes Pet Adoption


    True love eluded Prince Lorenzo Borghese when he appeared on season nine of the hit ABC series The Bachelor. However, nine years later, the former reality TV star (who today helps to create a better reality for dogs in need as the co-founder of Animal Aid USA) has found a puppy love who has captured his heart.

    While 15 four-legged contestants hoped to get their paws on a coveted rose, Titan’s fetching personality made him the winner of a tongue in cheek Los Angeles rose ceremony that helps to shine a spotlight on the option of pet adoption.

    Titan has found his match, but Los Angeles is still full of dogs who are searching for that special someone to whom they can give all of their devotion. “Adopt, Don’t Shop,” states Kim Sill the founder of Shelter Hope Pet Shop, a volunteer-based non-profit in Thousand Oaks, California, “There are thousands of homeless animals looking for love, and they are relying on us to adopt them.”

    “All animals deserve to be loved,” says Borghese, an animal advocate who is not only the co-founder of Animal Aid USA, which saves the lives of companion animals who are facing their fate in high-kill shelters through monthly transportation to qualified rescue groups, but also the president of Royal Treatment pet care products. “A dog is a perfect companion, and a true testament to man’s best friend.”

    Photo Credit: Weil PR

  • 24 January

    Dog Walking / Pet Sitting Business Ideas – A Sweet Side Business

    dog walking business ideas marketing

    Dog walking or Pet Sitting Business Ideas – So, I was at the dog park the other day, when an entrepreneurial young lady (maybe home from college for the summer?) casually introduced herself and mentioned that she had a dog-walking / pet sitting business with her mom.

    Very cool, but the important part was that she asked if I’d like a postcard with her business details and a coupon. Very friendly, and not pushy. If I had gotten it in the mail, I might have overlooked it, so the minute she spent talking to me made a big difference.

    Awesome, because three days each week my wife and I can’t get home to walk our dog, so she has a long stretch at home alone.

    Anyway, when we got home I checked out her website, (on Facebook) prominently displayed on the front of the postcard, saw photos of her with happy-looking dogs, read a couple of customer reviews, and decided to be her customer. After all, I’m a big fan of coupons, and her postcard offered 20% off the first 5 visits for dog walking.

    dog walking business

    Dog Walking – A Sweet Little Business Idea

    So, we’re in the suburbs, but I know in cities dog-walking can be a huge business, especially for couples who both work. (There’s a dense population of potential customers, and we’ve all seen a lady walk by in the city with about 5 dogs at once)

    So, currently I’m paying this girl $15 three times a week to walk our dog, and each visit is for about 20 minutes. Works great for us, and for her.

    Multiply that by 8-10 customers, and that’s some good cash for a college student, or a great incentive to grow bigger. In this case, if she gets bigger, she can hire friends to handle some of the dogs, and take a % off the top. Well, if you’re an entrepreneur, you know how the rest goes!

    dog walking postcardsPet-sitting postcard template from Vistaprint

    Ideas for Marketing Your Dog Walking / Pet Sitting Business

    I’m not a marketing pro, but I do have a laptop, and motivation. In this case, there are really just a few things you’d need to start a dog walking business of your own:

    Geography + Math – Dog walking and pet sitting makes the most sense when you can make the most of your time. That’s why you should find clusters of dogs in the same area, and ideally walk multiple dogs at once. Hey, if you’re walking around the block, you may as well double or triple your profit Networking & Trust – Dogs are like children to most people, and you don’t just find people to watch them in the yellow pages or online. Also, a dog walker or pet sitter probably needs access to your house; maybe even their own key. The best networking in the dog walking / pet sitting business occurs by word of mouth and referral. Marketing- Think Small & focused – Due to the importance of trust, you should look at starting a dog walking / pet sitting business differently. All the advertising money and SEO in the world can’t buy trust, so don’t rely on it for new customers. Remember, this is a business where you’ll get new customers face to face, or through referral. Also, don’t spend too much of your profits on gasoline or road tolls! Marketing Offline – Design a postcard or catchy cheap business cards that prominently displays your website and a phone number. In this case the postcard or business card will give people something tangible to remember you by, and the website will give them supporting info and hopefully close the deal. Check out a cheap online printing service like Vistaprint (click here for coupons) where you can get a lot for $20 or less! Marketing online – Remember the importance of referrals! Casting too wide of a net, like distributing a press release isn’t of use to you; that’s why you have to have a presence on social media. Be sure to keep your Facebook page fresh; let people know how much you enjoy your job, and maybe even take pics of the dogs on your walks in town or the city. Postitive Reviews – Encourage customers to “like” you on Facebook, (which can serve as your main website) which can be just as good as getting a referral when their friends see that they liked you. Also, encourage customers to write a review for you on sites like Yelp if you are listed. Be sure to look for any bad reviews and address them, as that could kill your fledgling business!

    dog walking_postcardsDog walking postcard template from Vistaprint

    Dog Walking & Pet Sitting; A Great First Business

    People always think of a lemonade stand as people’s first experience with pure capitalism, but a dog walking or pet sitting business can really blossom into a true full-time or side business.

    The great thing about the time we live in is that you can come up with an entire online and offline marketing plan for about the price of a tank of gas!


    Become a pet sitter or dog walker – How to Start a Pet Sitting Business –

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